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Petrified rocks sent back by visitors who stole them from park

Petrified wood forest curse jessica chambers oxygen channel Image Thieves who stole prehistoric fossils say they are cursed. Since then, my life has been in turmoil. I just want to get rid of this reminder.

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It has been that way for centuries, since the first explorers came through the area, the first routes were blazed through the region in the mid-1800s, and up until today. Travelers have long carried off pieces as keepsakes, and in the past, wagons and trucks were filled to the brim, and hauled away to be sold. But, since the time the Petrified Forest became a National Monument, it has been illegal to remove any specimens of petrified wood from the park. Today, theft of petrified wood can result in a fine.

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But many still do. Courtesy of Ryan Thompson. The pile sits, unmarked, just off the side of a private service road inside the park. This pocket-sized piece of petrified wood was returned by a visitor while photographer Thompson chatted with a park ranger, in 2011.

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