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Imelda Marcos's shoe collection gathers mould after years of neglect

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Photo. Hundreds of shoes from the Imelda Marcos collection. Shirley Escalante But in Marikina, the focus is on footwear — 800 pairs are on exhibit and venue manager Gina Romero said they came from a condominium in the prime business district of Makati where Mrs Marcos lived. The shoes are a mix of local and imported brands — pairs by Ferragamo, Givenchy, Chanel, Christian Dior, Charles Jourdan and Bally, along with well-known local brands.

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Thanks for watching! Visit Website Marcos experienced a number of hardships at a young age. She lost her mother to pneumonia when she was 8, and her father's law practice fizzled out around the same time. He then moved to the family to Tacloban in Leyte, his home province.

Philippines Sneaker Shopping CHALLENGE! With Carlo Ople! (Manila Vlog)

What's left of her collection is on display at the Marikina Shoe Museum. The Marikina Shoe Museum features shoes from celebrities and politicians.



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