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Preity zinta biography shimla to you of the future i give every song Her father, Durganand Zinta, was an officer in the Indian Army. He died in a car accident when preity zinta biography shimla was 13 years old; the accident also involved her mother, Nilprabha, who was severely injured and consequently remained bedridden for two years. Zinta called the tragic accident and her father's death a significant turning point zinga her life, which forced her to mature rapidly.

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Preity Zinta is one of the more accomplished faces in the Indian entertainment industry. The Actress, media personality and business mogul has successfully carved out a niche for herself beyond Bollywood. Preity Zinta was born on the 31st of January 1975. Her father Durgarand Zinta was an officer in the Indian army. Prietry was just a child at the age of 13 when she lost her father.

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