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A Forced Prison Haircut Brings Up Questions About Freedom of Religion

Religion in australian prisons sidney poitier movies on netflix Nationally, we have less crime but jail more people; we have more police but greater security fears and more products of our corrections religion in australian prisons are returning to prison than staying straight. The need for recalibrating the criminal justice system has never been greater. A report released this week by independent public policy think tank the Institute of Public Affairs shows Australia is indeed an island where our penal system is concerned. The religion in australian prisons is surely bent, if not broken. Prisoners at Hopkins Correctional Centre are making use of the chaplaincy program to strengthen their Islamic practice in their fight against drugs. A group of Muslim prisoners forms a neat line with their heads bowed in prayer. Imam Hussain, a former Ararat abattoir worker, became a full-time Imam six years ago and now provides emotional and religious support to many Muslim prisoners throughout Victoria, including five hours per fortnight at Hopkins. According to the Imam, one of the biggest challenges of working with prisoners was drug use. Imam Hussain said while many prisoners found the strength to stay clean in prison through prayer, once they returned to the outside world, old habits could return.

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Image Muslim inmates pray in the yard at Goulburn correctional centre where the prisons boss admits the Supermax facility is a hotbed of Islam. The forcible conversions created such tension in one NSW jail that inmates began fighting each other in the prison yard, ABC News has reported.

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