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ABC Cancels ‘Revenge’ After Four Seasons

Revenge netflix cast nathan bates and ashley Yes, the outrageous comedy starring Halle Berry. But that wasn't all the revenge netflix cast news. For the rest of the year, the streaming service will rotate iconic Black films each month—meaning you'll have tons more great content, but only 30 days to watch each.

revenge movie cast

With everything that occurred in Season 1, including the fate of some of the characters left in question, Emily Thorne Emily Van Camp will be back, colder and more determined than ever to exact her revenge. Check out what she had to say after the jump. The one thing that is so exciting for us and for the show is that we have show creator Mike Kelley, who is constantly making sure that it is about quality. It is not about getting the most famous person.

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revenge movie cast

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revenge 2017

revenge 2017

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