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Cultural Differences Between Americans & Russians

Russian vs american business culture arizona connections chat line The Russian Federation and the United States of America are two countries that are proud of their rich and storied histories. These histories click for some very distinct social and cultural differences. While cultural differences russian vs american business culture each nation tend to change depending on the region, this article will highlight some of the general differences.

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This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. An intercultural Freudian slip? Business Mentality — In Russia the type of business you are dealing with can usually range from a new-style entrepreneur to an old-school Soviet bureaucrat. To help with this, small gifts are often a good idea when doing business in Russia. Presents symbolising the stature of your company and the importance of the impending business deal, preferably an item characteristic of your local area or one that displays the company logo.

Russian Culture Tips: What not to do

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Both of these countries are multi-ethnic, great powers, whom have a variety of diverse groups in their societies. Both groups are known for great hospitality and appreciate casual, direct, and a blunt way of speaking. Moreover, cultural differences are of importance to discuss when doing business in Russia or just communicating between the two groups. One can learn to speak a language, but until you know and understand the culture you will never truly be fluent in that language. Cultural differences should never be underestimated due to their importance.

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How to do business in Russia

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Russian business culture retains many of the characteristics instilled during the Soviet era, most noticeably an autocratic management style that contrasts sharply to the more open and collaborative practices used by American businesses. When doing business in Russia or with Russian businesspeople, Americans should err on the side of formality and deference for those in positions of authority. Corporate Structure Russian companies follow a stricter, more clearly defined hierarchy than do American businesses. Many Russian businesses are led by a single, autocratic authority figure who makes the decisions and delegates tasks to middle managers and lower-level employees.