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Receiving A Gift on White Day! | Seiyuu Danshi

Seiyuu danshi hikaru size emotionally abusive mother signs Ios dating sims for guys. File "C. You're playing demo seiyuu danshi hikaru size You are not supposed to be able to even go on dates with Shiba with demo version Help, I'm only missing 2 hikaru CGs but I'm missing 4 scene replays in the replay list. I know which CGs I'm missing. I'm missing the cat costume one and I think I'm missing siz revenge CG.

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I also read on Meyaoi comment section, that to progress your relationship, you need to spend time with specific character on weekdays too. Don't just spend time on weekends. The "important scenes" will be triggered on weekdays' events.

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В сгущающихся сумерках и дожде исчезает маленький островок Пандатерия. Даже его камни источают уныние, так здесь пустынно и безлюдно. Вот уже два года, как на острове томятся, заточенные на нем, дочери Германика.

Hikaru Smells Good! - Seiyuu Danshi (4)

Give Me Your Milk AP1! - Seiyuu Danshi (27) (Hikaru Route)

Practicing Our Singing! - Seiyuu Danshi (21) (Hikaru Route)



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