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Seth Meyers Helped His Wife Give Birth in the Lobby of Their Apartment

Seth meyers wife birth wiki dictionary ancient greek Share My husband isn't too keen on the idea of my meyere through early labor at home, mainly out of fear that our baby will come before we can make it to the hospital. For some reason, Seth meyers wife birth doubt that today's big entertainment news headline will make him feel any differently. Alexi Ashe, Seth Meyers' wife gave birth to their son in their apartment lobby and Meyer's story seth meyers wife birth her delivery is wild.

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The Late Night with Seth Meyers host and his wife Alexi Ashe welcomed their second child, Axel Strahl, on April 8, and Meyers appeared on his show the next day with quite a wild birth story. Seth Meyers' wife gave birth in the lobby of their apartment , and the story is just as insane as it sounds. The couple's first son, Ashe Olsen, was born in 2016, and at the time of his birth, Meyers charmed audiences with the story of his wife nearly giving birth in their Uber en route to the hospital.

Seth Announces a New Addition to His Family

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seth meyers interview

Seth Meyers' Son Is a Hanukkah Pro

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