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The Best 32 films of Sidney Poitier.

Sidney poitier movies 1960s dating an alaskan man Little Nikita 1. Based on the novel by John Ball and directed by Norman Jewison, In the Sidney poitier movies 1960s poirier the Night stars Sidney as Virgil Tibbs, a homicide detective passing through Mississippi who is, unexpectedly, pulled into the murder investigation of a prominent citizen. Sidney gives a powerful and iconic performance as Virgil Tibbs while, Rod Steiger earned an Oscar for his nuanced portrayal of the surprisingly complex Chief Gillespie.

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Because of his refusal to compromise his principles and his insistence on taking roles that avoided stereotypical depictions of black people. Poitier earned the respect of audiences and his peers, and along the way came to define the word dignity. As in Major League Baseball with Jackie Robinson in the 1940s, Poitier broke down barriers in the 1950s and 1960s, paving the way for others to follow.

Something of Value (1957) Official Trailer - Rock Hudson, Sidney Poitier Movie HD

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Sidney Poitier: Top 5 Films

Sidney Poitier Movies List

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