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English Silver Makers Marks

Silver makers marks london dating a professor in college Jump to. navigationsearch Before the 14th century there was in Britain no legal requirement for a goldsmith to mark his work in any way, and he worked on the understanding that his goods should be of the same standard of purity as the coinage, that is, sterling, or 925 parts per thousand. With an silver makers marks london in 1697-1720, when a higher standard was enforced to prevent the smelting of the coinage, this has remained law, and the Jersey Code des Lois of 1771 makes the same provision. Eyes put out That goldsmiths have by no silver makers marks london always adhered to it is apparent from an examination of their goods, and as early as the reign of Canute, 1016-1035, we are told of goldsmiths who had their eyes put out for adulterating the metal from which they had made the shrine of St Edith at Wilton. Little silver survives from this early period, and examination of it shows that it was either unmarked, or, if an important piece, signed by the goldsmith in full. In South-west Britain the only surviving signed piece of this period is a silver seal-matrix of 1208 at Exeter made by silver makers marks london Luke the Goldsmith, signing Lucas me fecit, Luke made me.

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York Some notes on the tables. 1. The dates in the "Dates seen" column are the earliest and latest dates for which I have seen the accompanying mark - they do not necessarily represent the full time span during which the silversmith was working. A "registered" date in the "Dates seen" column gives the date when the mark was registered at the Assay Office and may not necessarily coincide with the date it was first used.

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Silver Markings on Jewelry (Sterling Silver Markings) - What They Mean (2019)

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