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14 Real Facts About Snapple

Snapple fruit punch ingredients dating someone who doesnt drink reddit Be wary of other drinks that are snappl as bad for you—or even worse. A small cup of coffee is low in calories and healthy. Add in a dash of cream and a spoonful of sugar and snapple fruit punch ingredients still not nutritionally terrible. But some of those flavored coffee creations you find at coffee shop chains are downright dreadful. But even if you pitch all your soda pop in the snapple fruit punch ingredients, other drinks—some of which are marketed as "healthy"—can lead you to consume still more sugar.

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Some store-bought and homemade juices do indeed boast vitamins and other nutrients that contribute to a healthy diet when consumed in moderation with everything else you're eating and drinking during the day. That said, beware of false labeling, artificial flavorings, gross additives, and high sugar contents. To help you get started on sorting the good from the bad, here's a list of juices to add to your routine — and others you should pretend don't even exist. Tart cherry juice Shutterstock While many fruit juices aren't as healthy as you might think, tart cherry juice is a big exception.

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Snapple flavored Ice Teas [Lemon, Peach, Fruit Punch]

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