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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Star wars the force awakens acquiring network address means In short, The Force Awakens is an enormous triumph, a return to the ways of the original trilogy, stxr, specifically, what made star wars the force awakens so loved, and so good. All due respect and admiration to George Lucas for creating the Star Wars universe, but JJ Abrams truly seems to understand what made the originals so damn good better than Lucas himself- intrigue. Is it a perfect movie? No movie is, truly. I loved how it delved into the lore of the Star Wars universe and built something that felt both modern and nostalgic. So how can you capture that contemporary spirit in your own writing? The Force Awakens script came with a lot of pressure. Not only did JJ Abrams, Michael Arndt, and Lawrence Kasdan have to get the nostalgia right, but they also had to set up a new franchise for the future. Writing the screenplay was a daunting task that took many outlines, drafts, and full rewrites.

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Star Wars Force Awakens ALL Easter Eggs & References ( FULL MOVIE )

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi



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