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Storage Wars Cast Net Worth and Salary.

Storage wars characters net worth trump news cnn All rights reserved Where is the original cast of Storage Wars today? By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More. Where is the original cast of Storage Wars today? Storage Wars is one of the highest rated and most popular shows on cable, but fans may notice that season four is missing original cast member Dave Hester. Dave Hester was recently fired from the show and has subsequently filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for what he considers an unjust termination. Hester's lawsuit also inadvertently reveals some racy Storage Wars secrets including the cast member's salaries and allegations that the show is entirely staged. Hester also claims that the show's producers paid for cast member Brandi Passante to get a boob job to "enhance" the show's sex appeal.

10 Luckiest Storage Unit Finds

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Some major scuffles he engaged in were with buyers like Brandon Sheet and Darrell. While his father has both German and Irish descent, his mother was born in Mexico. Nonetheless, unlike his pinchpenny father, Dave developed a real interest in the business.

Storage wars cast net worth, salary and bio. Narrated by Thom Beers, the show focuses on the auctioneering of storage lockers in California whose rent has not been settled for three months. The professional buyers of the storage lockers inspect them from the door for only 5 minutes before they bid on them. They are not allowed to enter into the storage lockers.

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As longtime members of the show, their background in auctions is extensive and a popular part of this TV franchise. You could say Dan Dotson mastered the amazing auctioneer chant better than anyone, which is no surprise considering his family line in the business. He and Laura also have their main business to focus on. American Auctioneers. While arguments still go on about whether Storage Wars fakes their findings , the Dotsons are reportedly doing well financially.