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‘Last Five Years’ at Syracuse Stage a unique, gorgeous and innovative production

Syracuse stage the last five years chris bachelor farmer Photo by Michael Davis. The production is directed by none other than Jason Alexander, who is, of course, best known for his role in the television series Seinfeld. Alexander's vision results in a production that is refreshing, captivating, and brilliant. This production stands out from others because Alexander cast four actors rather than the traditional two.

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By Linda Lowen There are those who enjoy musicals when they're part of a season subscription, and there are those who live, breathe, eat, sleep, and dream of a career in musical theatre. The former have never heard of Jason Robert Brown , and the latter regard his songs as essential performance pieces in their audition repertoire. By directing the musical "The Last Five Years" at Syracuse Stage, he's paying homage to Brown and expanding a simple two-person show into a deeper, darker, sexier and sadder narrative of two people who fall in love and then fall away from each other. However, since 2005 the show has been produced in over a dozen countries around the world and across the U.

"The Last Five Years" Reviews

Никулин, А. Степанова, Н. Мордюкова, сам Бондарчук и др.

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