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The Face Burglar

The face burglar junji ito lisa copeland wikipedia The world the face burglar junji ito horror manga is vast, with many excellent titles see more choose from. As a genre overall, junjii are many aspects that make horror appealing; the suspense and tension, the adrenaline that accompanies fear, and the social activity that it engenders. So what is it that makes his work so unique and appealing? Obviously this is normal for manga, and does not prevent the conveyance of a wide range of moods and aesthetics.

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This manga has not been approved yet which means info may not be up to par with the rest of the database. Score 5. Later the series leaves the Tomie character behind and consists of stand-alone gothic horror pieces. Each volume has its own title. 1.

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Я не назову Егорова среди самых талантливых представителей этого поколения. Юрий Павлович был крепким репертуарным режиссером, и для того чтобы начать работать самостоятельно, соглашался на то, что ему предлагали.

Junji Ito Collection - House of Puppets

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