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'The Hills' MTV Reboot Gets First Teaser Trailer

The hills reboot teaser russian revolution timeline 1905 to 1924 The semi-revival will feature original cast members and honor the legacy of the '90s series. Hillss are all the details about the reboot, including the premiere date, cast members, and a sneak peek the hills reboot teaser the promotional trailer. This October will mark almost 29 years since audiences were first introduced to the zip code that would become synonymous with the read more coming-of-age television series, Beverly Hills, 90210. MTV The Hills are back and it's time for a new beginning. On Tuesday, April 2, the first The Hills. New Beginnings trailer dropped with a mixture of old nostalgic footage of the beloved cast and brand new footage of the cast today. MTV also revealed that the reboot is all set to premiere on Monday, June 24. So make a note in your BlackBerry, because missing The Hills' triumphant return to MTV would be a fate worse than combat boots on the beach. Speaking of combat boots, Justin Bobby, and pieces of technology that ruled the early '00s, watching the new trailer for The Hills. New Beginnings more or less feels like hopping on the back of a motorcycle, hitting the PCH, and hightailing it to Aughts Nostalgia Beach.

Lo Bosworth Talks the Return of ‘The Hills’

Getty Images Natch, some of the OGs from the noughties show gathered for a reunion on the red carpet — drama, drama, drama as K-Cavallari would have said. Here's everything we know about the reboot... It didn't take long for some of the fan favourites to start confirming their involvement in the upcoming series, and here's who we have got so far. Stephanie Pratt Getty Images The first to break her silence on the news, Stephanie actually did the voiceover for the initial teaser trailer. Younger reality TV fans may know her from more recent days on Made in Chelsea , but Steph actually shot to fame on The Hills, having starred in seasons three to six. If she didn't happen to be sunbathing in their apartment complex that day, things could have been a whole lot different...

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Preview "The Hills: New Beginnings"

Lauren Conrad Won’t Be Part Of 'The Hills' Reboot - News Flash - Entertainment Weekly

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