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The 20 best things to do in Tampa

Things to do in tampa fl nightlife x47b pegasus optical stealth It is located towards the north side of Tampa, near Busch Gardens. Nudists will love their clothing optional outdoor pool, spa, patio and fire pit. Epicurean Hotel The Epicurean is one of the most romantic hotels for couples in Tampa, perfect for special occasions.

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These rooftop bars in Tampa offer a bit of escapism, transforming a simple drink with friends into an experience all its own. The party has sold out two years in a row. A couple enjoys drinks and conversation on the rooftop deck of The Refinery in Tampa, Florida. The patio has a homey feel to it with dim lighting and hard wood flooring, and the restaurant is known for its seasonally superb menu; Chef Greg Baker has been nominated for a James Beard Foundation award twice. Florida Ave.

What's The Best Strip Club In Tampa? Shya L'amour Weighs In

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Then hot press it until toasty and juicy. Eat it with a Cuban coffee at the Columbia, touted as Florida's oldest restaurant, with Ybor City roots dating back to 1905.

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St Petersburg Downtown Bars And Clubs Florida

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