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Factbox: Margaret Thatcher in the words of enemies and friends

This woman is headstrong obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated reddit us internet minneapolis For friends and foes, those traits came to symbolize the public career of the who joined the Conservative Party and stood as the youngest candidate ever for Parliament in 1950. She made history. And let this be her epitaph. that she made Britain great again. The buildup this woman is headstrong obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated subsequent arms talks with Soviet leaders led to the downfall and breakup of the Soviet Union. At home she took a hard line against militants fighting British control of Northern Ireland.

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But it is an open question whether even the crash of 2008 and the ensuing prolonged recession have finally ended the long reign of her ideas in Western politics. She landed a job with a plastics company in Colchester in 1949. She joined the Conservative Party and stood for Parliament in the 1950 election and married businessman Denis Thatcher in 1951. Margaret Thatcher, as she then became, finally made it into Parliament in the 1959 election.

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As divisive a figure in death as in life, when she died of a stroke last Monday week there was dancing in the streets and mourning in the corridors of power. Born Margaret Hilda Roberts in Lincolnshire in 1925, she gained her first exposure to politics thanks to her father, a grocer and local politician who rose to become Mayor of Grantham but whose ousting as a member of the town council by a newly popular Labour Party in 1956 she would never quite forgive. Convinced to stand for office by friends in the association, she later moved to Dartford where she lost several elections in the traditionally Labour area, though she did erode the Labour margin significantly.

Tributes paid to Margaret Thatcher in British parliament

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