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Thomas S. Kuhn

Thomas kuhn contributions to philosophy of science where do young black professionals live in nyc He was born on July 18, 1922, in Ohio. Having obtained his Philosopyy in physics from the prestigious Harvard University, he taught both physics and philosophy at the Universty of California. His shift of interest, from science to the history and philosophy behind development of scientific thought proved crucial for the publication of his most celebrated work, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

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Natural Phenomena, Science, and Philosophy of Science Now that we have looked at what is often referred to as the first major scientific revolution in modern history -- the cosmological revolution from Copernicus to Newton -- we will go on to look at philosophies of science that attempt to explain the historical dynamics of scientific revolutions. The process can be conceptualized, in a preliminary and somewhat simplistic way, as a three tiered one. Natural phenomena exist which we wish to study. The extent to which natural phenomena exist independently of the observer is a major philosophical problem, especially in philosophy of quantum mechanics. But we will assume a fairly robust degree of independence to start with; this may be modified later as we reflect further.

Thomas Kuhn

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My question. What did Kuhn actually contribute to the philosophy of science? My answer. I.

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