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Ashley Jacobs Suffers EPIC Instagram Meltdown & Exposes Patricia Altschul’s Private Messages!

Thomas ravenel ashley jacobs instagram how to use tinder if your married Gillian Walters Just when you thought Southern Charm couldn't get any more dramatic, longtime cast member Thomas Ravenel began dating a very outspoken nurse from California named Ashley Jacobs. Thomas ravenel ashley jacobs instagram Jacobs initially seemed harmless, she soon proved to be anything but charming. Sadly, this battle has allegedly spilled out on social media, and new rumors about their rivalry have since come to raveenl. Fair warning, things are about to get dark and twisted.

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Ashley appeared on the show because she was dating Thomas Ravenel, the father of Kathryn's children. As fans know, Ashley stuck to her guns all season, really going for the jugular. She didn't even let up or show any semblance of remorse during the reunion episodes , so what did she say in her apology post? To start out, she didn't just address Kathryn — she also included the viewers, writing, "To all of the Southern Charm fans, in general.

Patricia Altschul on Why She Blocked Thomas and Ashley

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(Программы наши выходили в красивых переплетах, в очень пристойном по тем временам полиграфическом исполнении. Помню, однажды я показал одну из них Иосифу Ефимовичу Хейфицу, тот одобрительно хмыкнул, полистал и сказал: "Да, вот это по-московски!" "По-московски" означало "по-марьямовски". ) Даю ему программу.

Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Blasts Ashley Jacobs Over Kathryn Dennis Insults

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