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Different Types of Abuse in Relationships

Types of abuse in a relationship wladimir klitschko daughter 2019 Abuse is a complex concept, one that is easily defined and yet types of abuse in a relationship difficult to understand and identify. Many who have experienced abuse in any form for long periods of time or from a number of people in their lives have difficulty distinguishing unhealthy relationship patterns and the dangers of prolonged abuse. The following examples are the most commonly recognized types of abuse in a partnership, marriage, or long-term relationship.

But relationships can be abusive in other ways, too. It has a name. Coercive control, which, according to a new piece in the New York Times , is an ongoing, multipronged strategy of controlling someone's behavior. While women can engage in coercive control, they are more often the victims.

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What are child abuse and neglect?

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What You Probably Don't Know About Domestic Violence and Abuse

5 Types of Children from Toxic Families



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