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Best Unique Resorts in Bengaluru

Unique resorts near bangalore daryl hannah image 2018 Grassy lawns, bushy surroundings and overall antique style of the hotel rooms brings out the wild feel quite perfectly. Spread across the edge of the vivacious River Kabini, the resort has an old world charm and gives you an antique feel for being a former hunting lodge. For classy and choosy travellers the resort has 4 Maharaja Cottages, while for tourists of less demanding nature it has brought 10 cottages, 14 rooms, and 6 tents. Located unique resorts near bangalore dense coffee plantations, the resort lets you feel relaxed and calms down your stressed mind with its undisturbed scenic views. The House in the Wilds offers unique resorts near bangalore ensuite bedrooms, a drawing room, a dining space and a couple of charming locations where you can sit idle to get mingled nature.

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Source A two-hour drive from Bangalore will take you to the Jaladhama Resort, a backwater resort with landscape equivalent to an island! A motorboat takes you from the roadside parking to the resort where you can find tiny little birds fluttering around the green wide trees. The ferry lives by its promise to bring you closer to nature's scenic beauty. You can have your breakfast at a floating restaurant, or refresh yourself in the pool.

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Windflower Resort Bangalore - Romantic Adventure Weekend Review and Room Tour

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