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Taylor Kitsch to Star in Drama Series in Development at HBO

Upcoming taylor kitsch movies top rated love story movies The Friday Night Lights stud has all the right ingredients for success. devastating good looks, undeniable screen presence, and a lot of faithful fans. Despite some noteworthy efforts, though, he's yet to reach the goal line for that much-needed Tinseltown touchdown. The second quarter of his career has been pretty upcoming taylor kitsch movies so far, and if he's not careful, moovies might not even make it link halftime.

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Email Taylor Kitsch is feeling good, stretching muscled limbs on the climb up the waterfall- and ancient-rock-festooned River Place Nature Trail in Austin. Real Kitsch is, turns out, much louder and more Canadian than Screen Kitsch. Real Kitsch is wearing Ray-Bans and Nikes, not a military or football uniform. No actor has been better or more telegenic at expressing silent pain since Clint Eastwood and his chapped lips crawled out of the desert in A Fistful of Dollars. Real Kitsch, meanwhile, talks.

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Dug ditches to get. Drove down to LA. Turned into my home. Delivered cookies.

John Carter Trailer 2 Official 2012 [HD] - Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins

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Oliver Stone and Taylor Kitsch on New Drug Film, 'Savages'

Josh Brolin & Taylor Kitsch Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions - WIRED