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The Pros and Cons of Immunization—I

Vaccines pros and cons frank from shameless age Pros and Cons of Vaccinations Yasmin Rammohan March 25, 2014 10.00 am Vaccinations for children have recently come up in the news with vaccines pros and cons celebrity moms opting out of vaccinating their kids and pointing to a potential relationship between additives in certain vaccines and autism. We talk with Dr. We vaccines pros and cons moms on both sides of the spectrum for their thoughts and decisions regarding vaccinations for their own children. According to research there still isn't enough knowledge on autism to safely rule out or attribute it to vaccinations. I personally am not concerned about the causal relationship because I don't think autism is a finite disorder that one can say is definitively caused by vaccines if there are children with autism amd have NOT been vaccinated. But just try and read through all the medical mumbo jumbo on the web. Most parents are not doctors. We just want to understand what it is we need to know about immunization to make the right decision, for or against.

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Search 8 Biggest Pros and Cons of Vaccinations One of the hottest topics being talked about today is the use of vaccinations in children. They have been recommended by the health care system for all children, and they begin to get them as soon as 6 weeks old.

To Vaccinate or Not? Two Mothers 'Debate'

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