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A Beautiful Victorian Home With An Amazingly Modern Twist

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Most of the coffee shops they frequent are industrial-style coffee shops, and while they like the raw and unfinished look, they feel that they don't want to come home to a place sporting the same interior style. What they want instead is a romantic-looking home that evokes memories of their European trips, a place that feels otherworldly and royal but also supremely cosy. When they got their keys to their Tampines flat in September 2014, they already knew what style they would go for. They would aim for the Modern Parisian look with some Victorian twist—Victorian cornices, cabriole-legged sofas, and all. We visited a lot of places in London, and the place was so pretty.

Interior Design Singapore - A Victorian Themed (Next Door ID)

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Antique Victorian Dining Table Dining Set Chairs Suite

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