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Comedy Killers on Tour: Andy Andrist, Sean Rouse, Junior Stopka at The Basement East 4/1/2016

Watch dave attell insomniac tour information security courses in hyderabad When Attell says, "We're doing this thing on a budget," he means it, but with this guerrilla davf he aims to capture the spirit of a gritty, underground comedy watch dave attell insomniac tour show. Fans of his 2003 album, "Skanks For The Memories," will enjoy similar material on sex, masturbation, drinking, marijuana, weirdos and one of his favorite subjects, midgets. Is it PC? Of course not, but Attell manages to acknowledge that without curbing his humor, just as he does when he's joking about a girl with a lazy eye being "really good at finding parking" or saying his genitalia looks like "A tent nobody knows how to fold up.

Comics will still work clubs, of course. But in an era when the savvy career move is to diversify into podcasts and video while playing a variety of rooms, Attell, 54, is the rare elite stand-up who advertises himself, with a mixture of pride and self-deprecation, as simply a club comic. More important. No one alive makes a better argument for the aesthetic of New York club comedy, with its tussling crowd work, quick setups and ruthless punch lines that go for the gut.

И эта девочка, и эти гробы в ряд, и эти убитые горем женщины - нет-нет да проходят они перед мысленным взором земского доктора, и тогда все остальное кажется ему не таким уж важным. Долг, совесть - вот что с годами укореняется в его душе все глубже и глубже. Укореняется - и гложет, и зовет к лесам, к эпидемиям, к составлению безрадостных статистических карт да еще к водке.

Dave Attell Stand Up - 1994



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