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Clinton accuses Trump of copying 2016 slogan 'Stronger Together'

What was hillary clintons slogan in the 2016 presidential election sonic electronix location A surprising and spirited challenge emerged, however, from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sandersa self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist. He campaigned on reducing economic inequalityopposing trade agreements, easing student debt, and cracking down on Wall Street interests, a significant source of Clinton support. Secretary of State is no longer in the woods. Following her loss during the 2016 presidential election, she spent some time hiking and reflecting while working on her memoir, What Happened And as of this week, 71-year-old Clinton has confirmed that she won't be vying for the Oval Office in 2020. She will be sorely missed!

Bill Clinton: Trumps campaign slogan is racist

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Political pundits will, for years to come, dissect how political neophyte Donald J. Trump v. There are a number of reasons. A call to action. It was almost an order.

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Can 140 characters affect the 2016 presidential election? Getty Images Candidates in the presidential race are hoping to tweet their way into the Oval Office. Will it work? All of the front-running candidates have a social media presence, often on more than one platform. In an effort to tap the millennial market, these politicians have diversified their advertising strategies to fit a 140 character limit.

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В 21 году он женил старшего сына Германика Нерона, которому едва исполнилось пятнадцать лет, на своей племяннице, дочери покойного Друза. Тиберию казалось, что таким образом он упрочит династическую связь между родами Юлиев и Клавдиев и положит конец семейным распрям.