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Jennifer Lopez Engaged To Alex Rodriguez

Who is jennifer lopez married to exaggerating height differences The album, fueled by the success of wgo hit single, "If You Had My Love," went platinum within two weeks, making Lopez—along with Ricky Martin —one of the most influential examples of the growing Latin who is jennifer lopez married to influence in pop music. Early in 2000, Lopez was nominated for Best Dance Performance for her second hit single "Waiting for Tonight," but lost the award to veteran diva Cher. In the summer of 2000, she starred in the science fiction-thriller The Cell, in which she plays a child psychologist helping to track a terrifying serial killer.

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The beloved New Yorkers found love with one another nearly a decade after first meeting at a baseball game in Queens, though A-Rod has hinted in the past the pair may have met even earlier than that. At first, the pair kept it quiet but their silence was short-lived. After just two months of dating, they went public, and they never looked back. From gracing magazine covers to attending events on behalf of their significant other, the pair have quickly grown to be known as one of Hollywood's biggest "power couples.

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Jennifer Lopez began dancing in 1991, acting in 1993 and singing in 1999 — all three career choices have paid off for her in the long run. Keep reading to find out who she is dating now. Chris, who is an ex-con after pleading guilty to being involved in armed robbery, dated the musician up until 1994.

Jennifer Lopez Celebrate 48 Birthday With Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez

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