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Hungarians don’t Smile - Written by Annie Mazzola

Why don t hungarians like to smile pua first date routines In smaller quantities they have also moved to Benelux countries. Some hungarians obviously read international news or travel to many european countries, for instance Denmark or Switzerland. Now, if you compare your country gungarians some of the best countries in the world such as the Netherlands or Switzerland, you might not feel very good about your own.

why don t people like eastern europeans

But how are they? What do they like and what impression do they make on outsiders? What are the specificities that make Hungarians truly exceptional?

Istvan Sky -The Man Who Heals With Music -Hungary

why don t eastern europeans smile

The very first time I met Ximena, it was the year 2014. She booked a bed for her stay at the hostel where I was working as a receptionist back then. Always positive and energetic, I remember Ximena and her friend Anna would keep on trying to teach us, hostel workers and international travelers, some salsa!

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And for the record I'm not one of them, getting totally wasted, go to all the bars, hit on all the girls type people. Just simple things like trying to buy some snacks at the local store! Can I chime in? I'm not Slovak either...



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