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7 things all girls who date an engineer know to be true

Why not to date an engineer patron saint of single ladies munich Wikimedia Engineers are historically some of the best people to date. From their go here and well-paying job to their logical thought process, there are tons of reason why falling in why not to date an engineer with an engineer should probably be your life goal. If you needed a little motivation as to engnieer you should date an engineerhere are 11 of the best reasons.

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But have you ever think about finding your soulmate through their profession? They also breed great people that can make great lovers. Curios why?

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By Love Engineer Editor Shares There is all types of engineers out there and each of them can vary in personalities. But like all men they are simple. But like with any man they have their needs as do women. When dating an engineer you have to remember they think analytical and practical. Logical thinking will always prevail over the romantic gestures.

Date With An Engineer

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What to consider before dating an engineer marzo 03 2015 0comment What to consider before dating an engineer Posted by martelli In Blog Seeing as though I have dated not one, but two engineers, and I am constantly surrounded by male engineers, I seem to have become the authority on this topic. My site stats agree that this content — strange as it may be — attracts substantial traffic. So here it is. why not to date an engineer part two. He will spend more time with his classmates and colleagues than with you.

5 Reasons Why Smart People Suck at Dating



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