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Black money in Swiss banks mainly from India: Julian Assange

Wikileaks black money list 2018 goofy girlfriend disney Newspapers reported on Sunday that US deputy attorney general James Cole has written to Switzerland to set an ultimatum wikileaks black money list 2018 hand over information on its citizens using Swiss accounts or see Credit Suisse and nine other Swiss banks click charges. The US is pushing Switzerland to hand over bank client names as it did last year when UBS revealed details about 4,450 US clients to avoid wikilwaks charges. In 2009, the Swiss government had stepped in to make the deal with the US to shield Switzerland's banking secrecy laws and protect UBS from further legal wikileaks black money list 2018.

swiss bank black money indian list

Story Swiss Bank data puts Modi govt in damage control mode In 2016, funds stashed by Indians in Swiss banks had fallen by 45 per cent to Rs 4,500 crore. The drop was the highest since the Swiss banks shed their secrecy clauses that shielded depositors in 1987. The latest data shows that the money parked directly with the banks is now pegged at Rs 6,891 crore and another Rs 112 crore through fiduciaries.

Swiss Bank Issues Notice To 25 Indians In Last Three Months - ABP News

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black money list of indian politicians

WikiLeaks slams BJP for fake propaganda

How much black money is out of India?

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