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23 Date Ideas You Can Take Your S/O On This Fall In Seattle

Winter date ideas seattle virginia beach dating scene Save to wishlist Save to Wishlist Dating can be awkward, uncomfortable, and nerve-wracking. One way to—at the very least—make sure you have something to talk about is to plan a unique date. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

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Fortunately, Seattle handily counters those winter woes with spectacular snowcapped mountain views and an abundance of rainy day refuges. We managed to narrow down our must-see list to 25 things to do in Seattle this winter, so read on and get planning! And with their recent 100 million dollar makeover , a visit to the Needle is all the more essential on a trip to the Emerald City. Enjoy the incredible view from the top on a visit to the Space Needle. Credit. Chad Copeland 2.

Winter Date Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of!

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Yep, we went there. The Great Wheel might be a bit cliche, but regardless of the weather outside it's a great way to spend some time with the one you love while taking in the view of the waterfront.

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Date night in Seattle!

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