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Will '2 Broke Girls' Return For Season 7? Max & Caroline Are Due For A Win

2 broke girls max raintree county oscar nominations I didn't expect any less from the creator of one of the all-time best TV shows for fashion—um, hello Sex and the City! So when costume designer 2 broke girls max Field invited Glamour backstage to her wardrobe department, a. All Rights Reserved. How involved has he been with what you're doing?

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The lively 20-something ladies, Max Kat Dennings and Caroline Beth Behrs spent most of the show's six seasons struggling to make ends meet while working as servers at a diner in Brooklyn, New York. They started a cupcake franchise, you see. While 2 Broke Girls was very much a sitcom — laugh track and all — it still managed to feel relatable by highlighting the very real recession of the time. The show also had not one, but two, female leads, and unapologetically skirted the boundaries of what was acceptable for prime time television.

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