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FM Radio: Ups and Downs in the Ozone

Abc radio station chicago jungkook ideal type astrology The newly combined company, to be named Citadel Communications, will be the third largest radio group in the United States, with a strong national footprint reaching more than 50 markets. Suleman, a seasoned industry leader with both radio station and radio network experience, abc radio station chicago the former CEO of Infinity Broadcasting. As a company focused exclusively on the radio business, Citadel Communications will have the benefit abv scale in an increasingly competitive industry. In addition, the merger includes the ABC Radio Networks, abc radio station chicago create and distribute programming to more than 4,000 affiliates.

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Print Article AA Behind a glass wall in the high-tech North Dallas offices of ABC Radio Networks is what pretends to be a live broadcast featuring a large cast of characters all interacting with each other in the same studio. But the radio players who are doing political commentary, comedy sketches, running gags, and bits of shtick are nowhere in sight. The local news-weather-sports guys found on almost every station doing drive-time morning radio have no place here.

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WLUP-FM 'The Loop' sold to Christian music broadcaster

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