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Neko Atsume: How to Collect All Rare Cats

All the rare cats in neko atsume when someone tells you to stop overthinking Wanna know how to get all the rare cats? Well heres the place for you! I will be telling you how to get the rare cat you want! Bengal Jack - To get this kitty you need a luxury treasure box.

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For all the apparent silliness of Neko Atsume, there is a method to the madness. And if you want more Neko Atsume-style action, check out Fancy Cats , which adds puzzles and cat cosplay to the mix! If both of the cats came to visit and there was only one space left, Rascal would get the top spot. The toys you leave out, combined with the type of food you serve, helps to determine which cats will pay you a visit. Who cares; all we know is that this couple are summoned by the afternoon tea-style Tower of Treats 900 silver fish and the Fairy-tale Parasol 55 gold fish.

DIY Phone Case!! Adorable Neko Atsume DecoDen DIY

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Neko Atsume's rare cats are not only more difficult to get to visit your home than the standard kitties, but they also generally are much cuter and more interesting than your average cat. Getting pictures of them doesn't just fill up your album. it also fills up your heart.

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