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Anomaly scan sharjah maya soetoro-ng twitter We bring the most skilled professionals in the field, together with cutting anomaly scan sharjah technology under one roof, providing efficient and reliable solutions for doctors, hospitals and private anomaly scan sharjah providers who require a broad range of diagnostic testing and health screening services. It requires no radioactive sources to acquire the pictures. Due to the humming sound the. Read more Computed Tomography CT Taking advantage of the use of x-ray technology, Computed Tomography CT machines produce high resolution images that provide a snomaly deal of information for your doctor. Many CT examinations require some preparation, whether it is the removal of metallic items, fasting or some form of contrast such as a drink or an injection. It directs sound waves, which reflect off your baby, that are then processed to create images. A 3D ultrasound is a special technique that creates 3-dimensional images of your baby so that a clear picture may be obtained. It is usually an optional procedure, and is sometimes requested by your doctor to clearly visualize any possible birth defects such as cleft palate that may not be clear on regular 2D imaging. To perform the procedure you will lie down while a gel is applied to your abdomen.

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