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Antonio Banderas says he'll love ex-wife Melanie Griffith 'until the day I die'

Antonio banderas 2018 cancer pof palm beach gardens fl We almost expect it. Polite, modest and softly spoken, the actor is very generous with journalists; happy to talk in some antonio banderas 2018 cancer about himself, his family and a role antonio banderas 2018 cancer has been a complete gift. He was born only 100 yards from the house where Picasso was brought up. In canncer generation they would surely have been friends. Completely starstruck, I thank him for having the launch of the eight-part series in Malaga.

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Thomas traveled to say goodbye to his old friend and collaborator this past weekend. We spoke very regularly. It is a tough day.

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Banderas, from the same Spanish city of Malaga as Pablo Picasso, had been asked to portray the abstract painter countless times before. But this would be the first time he would say yes. That was my first impression. They have the time, the budget, the artistry, the people.

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Antonio Banderas has managed to fashion the latter, developing from a young heartthrob to, well, an older heartthrob. Q. Did your parents put you to work early when you were growing up in southern Spain? A. They detected soon enough that I was in love with theater. I started going with them at age 10 to plays in Malaga.

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