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Autorelease - Under the Hood

Arc autorelease pool thread syracuse events december 2018 During the Arc autorelease pool thread era of iOS, usage of this type was important to prevent your app's memory from blowing up in specific cases. As ARC and Swift came around and evolved, very few people autoreleasee have to manually play around with memory, making seeing it become a rare occurrence. Having developed tools that need to allocate enourmous amounts click memory, I asked myself if there's still a case where autoreleasepool is arc autorelease pool thread in Swift 5.

autorelease pool swift

The main goal of this article is not to explain the base of what is an autorelease pool and when autorelease should be used, but anyway, this is really important to understand these concepts before proceeding. For this reason, the first paragraph will be dedicated to explain them. Experts developers, can safely skip it if they want. What and when As the Apple documentation says. Autorelease pool blocks provide a mechanism whereby you can relinquish ownership of an object, but avoid the possibility of it being deallocated immediately such as when you return an object from a method. At this point, method finishes and releases objB, which is not referenced anymore and it is still retaining newObj.

Observer Design Pattern In Swift

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how does autorelease pool work

how does autorelease pool work

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