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Public Defender: Fat fingers lead to hefty $11m blowout

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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account. Andrew Leigh MP, Please allow me to express my respect and Wish you with good health, peace, happiness and love. I was employed in Melbourne to develop South West Asian countries business. Received monthly salaries and expenses for a year drawn against invoices per month being credited with my Citi Bank Savings Account, Kolkata, India strictly as per legitimate contractual terms. I have many hard copies of the documents duly signed by chairman of the company and emails where he directing me to execute his orders.

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By Simon Lovegrove UK and Zein El Hassan AU on June 8, 2017 Posted in Australia, Banking Following the 2008 global financial crisis, regulatory authorities around the world have been working on measures to strengthen individual accountability of senior individuals within the banking sector. The United Kingdom is, perhaps, the most well-known having introduced a new senior managers and certification regime, which forms the basis of an individual accountability regime through a clear and comprehensive allocation of responsibilities to the most senior executive managers and key non-executive directors. In taking the oath, staff members at financial institutions pledge that they will perform their duties in good faith, to the best of their knowledge and by putting the interest of the customer first.

ASIC vs Mariner Corporation Limited [2015] FCA 589

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