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Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze Paint Work Glaze - 500ml

Auto finesse ultra glaze joann gypsy sisters custody This non-abrasive acrylic polymer glaze is designed to enhance paintwork and reduce the appearance of swirl marks when applied sparingly. Reduces the appearance of swirling Enhances auto finesse ultra glaze of colour to paintwork Non-abrasive to vehicle bodywork Hand Application Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from contaminates. Apply a small-coin sized drop of product to a microfibre, or dual foam applicator pad and work into the paint with light pressure. Use either circular, or linear hand motions.

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MB Slk Actually I hate to say this but for me this is probably one of the most difficult reviews I have ever written! Why is that you may ask and the answer us easy, I have never used a glaze previously and I actually had to ask how to apply this product, it was suggested I used it just lake a wax, using thinly applied product giving it a short while to cure and then buffing off. I looked around and found that one person was applying Ultra glaze via a DA polisher and I thought that looked like a good solution for me as well. The truth is all I really want to do is tell everyone to go and get some of this Ultra glaze and try it for yourself, it is simply astonishing!

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Auto Finesse Fusion

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