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Patio Seating Ay Caramba - Bild von Ay Caramba!, Santa Clarita

Ay caramba restaurant santa clarita jazz and amir truth Ay Caramba! Ay caramba restaurant santa clarita is a strip mall on Via Princessa, across the street from Costco, with a restaurant called Ay Caramba! I found it by accident while looking for another business in the strip mall. I was hungry, love Mexican food and liked the name of the restaurant. My memory is dotted with the equally sudden emergences and disappearances of restaurants throughout the loose pack of neighborhoods that makes up our little city. Newhall, Valencia, Saugus, Canyon Country. To this day, almost nothing truly great stays around here for long. The Los Angeles Times has written that plans to build entirely new cities within the valley limits go back at least two decades. With the land here in such high demand — for developers and filmmakers, opioid addicts and award-winning chefs — it is shocking that so many family businesses have not only kept going, but have in some cases thrived.

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