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Best enneagram test with wings hannah arendt gesprach Read More Using the Wings The wings refer to the two types adjacent to your core type on the Enneagram best enneagram test with wings. If core type is like ice-cream in a bowl, the wing indicates the kind of sauce you add to your ice-cream. It is not a second type of ice-cream that you add, just the flavour of the adjacent types. We all have access to both of our wings, and each has a different set of resources and characteristics that we find helpful at times.

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It will help you understand the Enneagram if you sketch it yourself. Draw a circle and mark nine equidistant points on its circumference. Designate each point by a number from one to nine, with nine at the top, for symmetry and by convention. Each point represents one of the nine basic personality types.

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A Brief Introduction to the Enneagram