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Chile bike tours since 2007

Bike rides santiago chile scooby doo girlfriend name They are taking to the city in their masses, and somehow it seems to be working out just fine. The scheme allows you to pay daily or alternatively sign bike rides santiago chile for a weekly, monthly or annual subscription. However you need a Chilean ID card in order to do so. What could be better?!

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One of the best ways to see the diversity of places offered is on a bicycle. Biking in Chile is gaining popularity, mostly as a leisure activity or alternative mode of transportation. The Department of Transit is also promoting the use of bicycles as well, citing environmental and health benefits for Chileans. While the government is interested, and a growing number of Chileans ride bicycles, many obstacles still remain for cyclists. The worst of these is due to the traffic, whether it be bus or private auto.


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Night Bike ride, downtown at Santiago, Chile

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