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List of African-American neighborhoods

Black neighborhoods in san antonio exaggerating height differences It was also one of the fastest growing large cities in the country in the past ten years. Located in the Texas Triangle, San Antonio has a population estimated at 1. San Antonio's 2017 estimated population has reached 1.

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Blacks fleeing to Atlanta and Texas.

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When Bill Minutaglio began writing for Texas newspapers in the 1970s, few large publications had more than a token number of African American journalists, and they barely acknowledged the things of lasting importance to the African American community. Though hardly the most likely reporter—as a white, Italian American transplant from New York City—for the black Texas beat, Minutaglio was drawn to the African American heritage, seeking its soul in churches, on front porches, at juke joints, and anywhere else that people would allow him into their lives.

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On the Grind with mOody bLaCk in San Antonio TX

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San Antonio offers a unique history of Jim Crow and its consequences within a city. Three factors contributed to this unusual situation. First, San Antonio is situated on the outer limits of the southern states.