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Q&A with Nils Lofgren of E Street Band on Blind Date Jam Project

Blind date music group fifty shades of grey wikia Blind date music group interactions are characterized by breathtaking reactions, startling combinations and simultaneities, instantaneous changes of material and textures, all in a context of concentrated and dage development, spinning out complex and very convincing musical forms. Her graduation was awarded with the Folkwang Prize 1990. After further studies with Ran Blake at the New England Conservatory in Boston she focused on improvisation and experimental music. She developed her own unique sound language, especially on the bass flute, combining traditional tone production and extended or self created techniques.

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Based in Austin Texas, the live music capital of the world, the band is comprised of the city's most accomplished musicians. Well known for their incredibly versatile repertoire - consisting of anything from dance music, to rock, jazz, country and hip-hop. The band performs in top venues all over the United States. Blind Date works with each client to compose the perfect song choices for their event.

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Blind Date

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