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To fix public education funding, ‘we have to pay for it,’ says new Senate education chair

Boston globe education funding preacher tv series episodes View Comments Hundreds of students, educators, parents, and other supporters of public education gathered on Boston Common during a public education rally for more school funding. The findings indicate that voters are eager to revamp how the state funds an boston globe education funding and secondary education system that has ranked among the best in the nation — but that has also struggled to close wide gaps boston globe education funding achievement. Advertisement Most voters also say Governor Charlie Baker should seek a third consecutive term — something no Massachusetts incumbent has ever done.

View Comments Massachusetts Education Secretary James Peyser is one of the defendants named in a lawsuit against state education leaders for allegedly violating the civil rights of low-income, black, and Latino students by failing to provide them with the same quality of education as their mostly white affluent peers. The 98-page lawsuit, to be filed in Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, contends the spending gaps between poor and well-to-do systems have been widening for years, enabling affluent students to have the best public education money can buy — a plethora of college-level courses, cutting-edge technology, and robust arts and athletics programs. Advertisement Meanwhile, many poor students struggle in crowded classrooms with outdated and tattered textbooks, aging computers, and a scarcity of basics that forces their teachers to turn to online fund-raisers to buy pencils, paper, books, and calculators. That hinders their performance on standardized tests and their ability to graduate from high school and succeed in college, according to an advance copy of the lawsuit provided to the Globe. Assisting their effort is the Council for Fair School Finance, a nonprofit comprised of teacher unions and civil rights groups.

Worcester School Principal Argues State's Education Funding Process Is Dated

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Gov. Baker, New England Patriots, parents advocate for more school funding in Boston

Students stage sit-in at State House Speaker's office for more education funding

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