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See the First Sweet Photo of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Daughter, Briar Rose

Briar rose christensen dad top 10 dating advice books After a brief meeting with his 36-year-old ex briar rose christensen dad Thursday, Hayden treated the couple's young daughter to a playdate in a park in LA. Clearly ecstatic to be spending time with his little girl, the 36-year-old was seen tossing her up in briar rose christensen dad air and spinning her around as they explored the playground together. Daddy duty. Hayden Christensen was seen spending time with his daughter Briar Rose in LA on Thursday, after splitting with her mom Rachel Bilson Later, the doting dad was seen smothering his daughter with kisses and cuddles as they made their way down a sidewalk. The Star Wars actor was seen playfully chasing Briar as they walked along, before sweeping her up under one arm and crossing the street. Share Breaking bad news to small children is never easy. Explaining the birds and the bees is one thing, but have you ever tried to tell your kid that their dad is a well-known super-villain? Only one mom in the world has this problem, and it's Rachel Bilson.

Rachel Bilson Gives Update on Daughter Briar

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