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List of Cardcaptor Sakura characters

Cardcaptor sakura characters eriol hofner electric guitar models He is one of two magical creatures created by Cardcaptor sakura characters eriol Reed along with the Clow Cards. Before his death, Clow appointed Kero as the one cardcaptor sakura characters eriol select the potential candidate to be the next master of the cards, Cerberus himself, and his "brother" and fellow guardian, Yue. After Sakura accidentally releases the cards, Cerberus chooses her to be the candidate and teaches her the basics of capturing the cards. Throughout the series, he displays an extensive knowledge of mysticism. After Sakura passes the Final Judgment to become the Clow Cards master, Cerberus remains with her as a friend, companion, adviser, and protector when new threats appear.

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Fifty chapters of adorable cuteness Cardcaptor Sakura Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the most beautiful and adorable manga series a Japanese comic ever created. The series was written and illustrated by the manga artist group CLAMP between 1996 and 2000, but is still extremely popular today. The series focuses on Sakura Kinomoto, a fourth grade elementary school student. After opening a book in her father's library she releases a set of 19 magical cards, which start to cause different kinds of mischief.

The reincarnation of Clow Reed, Eriol has both Clow's memories and all of his magic power. He has a magical staff similar to Clow Reed's, can control Clow's creations Yue and Cerberus, and has created his own similar pair of guardians. Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun. He moves from England to transfer to Tomoeda Elementary school after Sakura Kinomoto passed the Last Judgement and became the official master of the cards. He is depicted as a quiet, mature boy while at school, though he also shows a mischievous side when he regularly joins classmate Takashi Yamazaki in weaving complex lies about the history of objects, places, and events. While seeming a normal student to Sakura, Syaoran Li is suspicious of him.

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