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Moscow Leningradsky railway station

Central train station moscow whose beard am i petting Train central train station moscow in Moscow Train stations in Moscow Moscow is not only the capital of Russia but also centre for education, politics, culture, transport and economy. It has a lot of history and attracts many omscow per year. The most common transport is the train and in the city you will find nine different train stations.

belorussky station

There are a total of 9 railway stations in the capital and trains leave for more than 12397 different destinations in Russia. Even David Bowie got inspired to travel on the Trans- Siberian railway. It was constructed by the famous architect Konstantin Thon whose works include Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Grand Kremlin Palace, which are all situated in Moscow. At first this railway station was called Nikolaevskaya, in honor of the emperor Nikolai I.

In the late 16th century, Dorogomilovskaya Sloboda housed people who worked in the horse carriage industry. The project began in 1912 when the old station building, which lasted less than two decades, was torn down. The present building, which mixes elements of the Empire Style and Neo-classicism, was designed by architect Ivan Rerberg.

Leningradskiy Railway Station, Moscow

yaroslavsky railway station

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