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Christian kane real height steam powered giraffe rabbit Maybe 5'9. How could he christian kane real height He link a. I'm seeing 5'8. He looks about 4 inches smaller then Rebecca Romijn to my eye watching them on TV I mean he definitely is not looking her directly in the eye which is something someone 2 inches and some change shorter could do. His dad was in the petroleum industry. He had finished his graduation in Art History from University of Oklahoma. He also made his debut in acting as 1997 from a tv series called Fame L. A of MGM station. He has children from his affairs up to now.

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Christian Kane is an American actor, songwriter, and singer. He is best known for his role in Secondhand Lions and Just Married. He is the lead singer of the country-southern rock band named Kane. An American by nationality, he belongs to the White ethnic background.

NYCC15: The Librarians RoundTable - Christian Kane

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